January 22, 2022

Beyoncè intends to ‘slow down’ from the music industry

After 20+ years of consistent effort, tears and hard work, the Grammy Award singer, Beyonce has decided to take a break from the pursuit of building her legacy and rather focus on her family.  The 39-year-old delivered the news in an interview with the British Vogue for December 2020 where she reflected a “new goal to slow down and shed stressful things from my life”. After all, “I came into the music industry at 15 years old and grew up with the world watching, and I have put out projects nonstop” she continued to explain.

Beyonce started her career in the late 1990s as a sing leader of the RnB group known as Destiny’s Child and then later launched to her successful solo career of music production. Apart from live performances and release of multiple albums, she also ventured other projects like film production of the famous Black is King and the launch of a Clothing line, Ivy Park. After all these successful non-stop projects, she is intending to rather slow down and take a break.

The Beyhive fans were devastated upon this announcement but however hang of a string of hope that one day Queen B will come back and give them more.


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