September 26, 2021
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Domestic Tourism restrictions eased in most African countries!

The pandemic has undeniably been devastating to the Tourism industry in many African countries and globally. The closure of airports, boarders and implementation of lockdowns as a measure to contain the virus were necessary but made it impossible to keep the Tourism sector open for business for both international and domestic tours.  Not only did this lead to a drop in the economies of African countries, but also it also led to retrenchment of a lot of workers and a general loss of income to that particular industry.

With the travelling restrictions in place, this was an obvious doom for almost everyone especially the extroverts who love travelling. Although temporarily they were some virtual tours of museums, which weren’t the same compared to physically visiting the places but helped with the situation.

Fortunate enough, with some lockdown restrictions getting relaxed gradually, the Tourism sector for most African countries has embarked on a road to recovery for the industry by opening up domestic tourism for people. By so doing, it becomes an attempt to support and save the department from the loss suffered through the pandemic. Although this attempt cannot fully compensate the cost, it is better than nothing!

With that having been said, places like National Parks, Family entertainment centres, hotel resorts and restaurants are now back and running in business. For instance, the famous Sun city Resort has been opened in South Africa and also Matopo Hills and National Park in Zimbabwe are up and running. However, with the virus still at hand they are advised to follow strict health protocols to contain the virus such as wearing of masks, regular sanitation of  hands and of course social distancing. The Minister of Tourism in South Africa made it clear in a statement, of the rules and regulations that must be followed under the domestic tours.

Things are looking up and we hope soon enough everything will be back to normal, or at least close enough.


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