January 22, 2022
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Effects of Technology in African societies

Technology found its way to spread throughout the world and is changing every aspect of our lives. The benefits provided by new digital approaches are having a huge impact on our societies. However, one of the greatest challenges is not about the devices, software or solutions – it is about how we manage the process of cultural change. Technology has had different effects on our African societies, negative or positive these effects have changed the dynamic of our ways or should i say the ways of our forefathers

Companies like Google which are famously known for their search engine capabilities have had an impact on our languages. And not only Google is faulted for that but many other tech companies are having English as a default language, which has been adopted by Africans in their businesses, making our indigenous languages lose their fame. And some predictions even suggest that African languages by 2050 might be rarely spoken, and this is sad to the African culture as language is a huge part of a person’s identity.

African also in the past societies was known for being intelligent herbalists, they knew what plant did what and all played well on their health systems. In time Western customs crippled in the ecosystem, we saw it in the introduction of drugs and different types of medicine. And effective were those innovations which came, also with proper scientic dosages, and although having that light has been good, that light also has been a curse. Many annual death from youths have been due to the abuse of those same drugs and medicines. Hence other African communities have wanted no part of this modern medicine and chose to stick to the traditional ways of dealing with diseases. Many more examples of negative impacts of technological advancement can be said, however its not all bad things that technology had brought to African societies

Technology has largely made communication easier for Africans, with efficient modes of transport to light handset devices that makes us have instant messaging. Such technology has made African lives easy and progressive. Having to just google in your smartphone has made some knowledge about Africa generally be in our fingertips, hence the low rate of us forgetting about where we come from even if we find ourselves in other continents. Technology has made us closer to each other even far away, and the latest example is the forced social distancing we have been facing, and due to technology we have been communicating and that reduces some anxiety and depression that the situation would have caused.

Africans have always been talented and never had ways of selling themselves hence most people died without many people appreciating or knowing their talent. Thanks to technology those bridges that where lacking have been built and now many African Artists, Engineers, Athletes, Farmers etc have been noticed and taken to greater heights. That and many other examples is the reason technology has worked for Africans and helped shape our lives for the greater good.

The balance between good and bad parts of technology will always be a hurdle, but all we can do and have been doing is appreciating the good parts and trying by all means to fix the bad that comes with it. Technology is a part of us and a part that will never leave, and the only option is to accept and make it work for us.

This Article was writted by Sambulelo Ngwenyama (the creater of thenook)

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