October 28, 2021

About Us

About Us

‘thenook’ is an online magazine founded/ developed by Sambulelo Ngwenyama a web developer and engineering student. The site was made to look and feel welcoming to all visitors, with its attractive layout, colour, functionality & responsiveness. 

The authors and editors work hard to make sure the content visitors receive is accurate, informative and useful in its different forms. The Nook team promises to make your every visit a pleasant one all the time  

Our story

The love of computers,  coding, libraries, and spare time all tailored together made The Nook’s creation possible. The digital platform that was made to feel comfortable and welcoming to everyone from anywhere and coming with different needs. The purpose of The Nook was initially to be an online resource library, however with recognition of how people are interested in different likes, we ended up making it more, by creating it to be an online magazine.

This magazine was then made to include a library (coming with different functions), and the playspace  which also hosts variety of activities, to keep different people entertained and informed. And engaging with local and international writers The Nook is aiming to be the best online nest to visit for all new and high quality articles covering the whole of Africa and the World. Having the best team, The Nook really lives up to its tagline ‘your one stop corner’.


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