January 22, 2022
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How important is lobola in this day?

Lobola has always had a huge following in the African cultures in their vastness, however big a tradition it has always been, there comes a time where people start asking questions and doubting the relevance of certain customs. There has never been much problem about this custom of Lobola for the past generations and it was because of the past people’s pride in tradition and sociaty as a whole, which has now shown to fade in time or rather in our time.

Before going far let’s answer the question ‘what is LOBOLA?’

In the gathering of information from different sources, we can say Lobola was and is an offering and appreciation showed by the man’s family to the woman’s family in form of cattle. In the african culture a cow has always had high worth in the society. So using it as an offering meant great respect between the two families.

What elders say about lobola

Some elders and traditional experts all agree that in time lobola has had some misinterpretation, which have caused all the controversies we seen today on that subject. Today Lobola is mostly offered in Monerary form and people later using terms like ‘payment’ to describe this custom. This has been seen as an offence by some women, especially nowadays where women have been fighting against their past oppression. And this is sad when you look at how lobola initially had started, as a beatiful custom to create a good relationship between families.

 Lobola has been an african pride throught the years, but like anything nowadays, people have dug its loopholes. There is an argument that lobola has been made for men to buy women and objectify them in marriege, and this has been one of the reason some couples do not practice this custom. In some cases which include inter racial marriages the issues of racial differences comes up and having no family willing to compromise. Also another loophole has always been wealth, as some men come from low backgrounds and have nothing to offer. All these have led to alot of people dropping Lobola in their road to marriage and that to alot of elder has been a great dissapointment and an insult to the african tradition.

However in all that negativity towards lobola many couples have made it their point to keep and honor this tradition. In most cases the reason is the same as has always been, the families wanting to feel more closer together and give blessings to the couple. Also women have always seen this practice as a way of appreciating them and honoring their value, and some women even today still do feel that way.

This change in time had caused alot of damage and fixed alot that was damaged. So the question is whether or not the practice like lobola still worth practicing in this generation. Let us see in the comments what you think about this issue.


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