December 4, 2021
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‘How our parents used to take pictures’ challenge goes viral

In 2020 we saw a lot of fun challenges during the lock-down and it make people escape the dullness that the world was facing, and truly Africans always have a way to turn around a frown.

So again when many African countries have turned back into a higher level lock-down, like wise people have found was to entertain themselves and others, and this time with a nostalgic challenge about how our parents used to take/pose for pictures.

In this challenge, millennials dress up in vintage fashion, with Mbongeni Ngema’s “Stimela Sase Zola” playing in the background, while they do different picture poses. Below are some extracts of some funny videos taken from social media.


And there is more of the entertainment we are getting from the social media platforms, hopefully this makes you feel better wherever you are.


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