January 22, 2022
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Ocean desalination breakthrough could help with clean water shortages

Clean water has been a problem for decades now, and it has been becoming worse and worse in time. Droughts being the biggest cause of it, well also our misuse of the resource has played a huge part in the decline of the resource.

The earth is called the ‘blue planet’, because it has a lot of water, an estimate of 1.386 billion km3 . And this water may freeze, evaporate, flow or sink, but it will never leave the planet. How ever the down side is: 97% is salty, 2% of frozen and only 1% is available for human use, and the water that we have been using all along.

Most of the 1% of the water is underground and very expensive to access. Hence in time we have seen a decline in water availability. And in some areas that can get to the underground aquifers, those are running low too.

Scientists and Water engineers have been trying to find ways of effectively purifying or desalting that 97% of the water, as a way of solving the water crisis, and it has been hard and expensive for the longest while. And to some scientists it looked pointless, as the cost of cleaning the water will be so expensive that the goods that need water for production will also have their prices sky rocket.

So in year research kept going on until now, the University of Texas Austin claim to have found a water of desalinating ocean water at a cheaper and more efficient way. The research team, in partnership with DuPont Water Solutions, solved an important aspect of this mystery, opening the door to reduce costs of clean water production. The researchers determined desalination membranes are inconsistent in density and mass distribution, which can hold back their performance. Uniform density at the nanoscale is the key to increasing how much clean water these membranes can create.

In such a breakthrough major cities which were highly affected by the water crisis like Capetown can now see a light in the end of the tunnel as the future sims to be promising a way to purifying ocean water. And this is a plus to any city around the world which was facing these problems.

There is still long way to go, but these milestones are having a positive impact on these challenges.

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