January 22, 2022
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Samsung ‘Blade Bezel’ laptops will have under display webcams

A few years ago the Apple mac-book was the only laptop people could go to if they wanted a super thin and sleek body, and in recent year we have seen how other companies have adapted as well. The huawei matebook is one of the notebooks that was the thinnest and elegant, with an under keypad implementation of the webcam, which was honestly a bitter sweet experience to some people.

Now seeing as how the bezels were becoming smaller and smaller each year, last year a company called ZTE introduces an under-display camera, and yes their Axon 20 was the first smartphone to have that technology. And after that we obviously knew that the big tech companies will also follow the trend, and it looks like Samsung has taken the bite.

Most people will be very happy to see the notches disappear from smartphones once under-screen cameras and sensors have been perfected. The same is true of thick laptop screen bezels, and Samsung looks to be the first to get rid of them completely by adopting an under-screen camera for future OLED laptops.

Samsung has pulled back the curtains on a brand-new laptop that maximizes surface area and reduces weight. Introduced during CES 2021, the laptop has incorporated the tech giant’s OLED screen technology to make the feat possible.

The laptop is being billed as “BLADE BEZEL” for its ultra-sleek design. It features an “invisible” UPC (under panel camera) that’s built into the screen. It also comes with a screen that has a 93-percent screen-to-body ratio — an eight-percent increase from what we normally see on traditional Samsung laptops. Moreover, “BLADE BEZEL” is roughly 50 percent thinner than conventional laptops, reducing width from 2.1mm to 1mm, making it one of the lightest laptops within Samsung’s catalog: approximately 30 percent lighter than most laptops in the market (about 50 grams).

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