October 28, 2021
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What are the right career choices now?

Ok so there is never really a time to say there is a right set of skills, because in any case people always find different things and those thing can work for them despite of what they are and also the people enjoying them, and that means its right for them individually. But in understanding all that we have to also acknowledge the dominance or relevance of a certain skill at a curtain time and the relevance of some skills all the time generally.

From our history as a human race, Doctors are one of the must have professions in a community. Such skills were and are still a need than anything, so in nowadays when choosing a career, by choosing such you can never go wrong.

However when the communities got bigger and bigger in the early ages to modern days, more careers where created, like bankers, teachers, accountants and so on. And as these where less work intensive and white collar oriented,  we got too excited and flooded on these job, not that there is anything wrong with that, but it becomes a problem when the jobs in those fields get narrow by a day.

I read an article recently where the First lady of South Africa discourages office work as a career path, and advised to look more into hands-on professions like plumbing, building and being and electrician etc. And all this made sense because a lot of people who are looking for jobs are likely holding Degrees or Diplomas on Office based work and those areas are congested as is.

So what should you do when choosing a career in 2021?, look hard at the job market, extrapolate all the previous data and look closely at trends and i promise you your answer will be what the first lady said, hands-on Jobs have a market and more so if you don’t find work (because its never guaranteed) you will know you have a skill that can help you start your own business. So in a nutshell those are the things to look at when choosing a career, at least in thenook’s perspective.

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