December 4, 2021
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Why January to March may be the best time for South Africans to travel

Dream Hotels and Resorts says domestic tourism is a big trend for holidaymakers in 2021, especially with the current travel bans across the world.

The hotel group encourages South Africans to rediscover the country’s finest hidden gems, especially during January to March 2021.

“Hyperlocal, closer to home, and flexible travel will be the order of the day as changing lockdown restrictions continue to impact how we travel,” says Sharmila Ragunanan, Marketing Manager, Dream Hotels and Resorts.

She says with bookings declining in the first quarter of 2021 for tourism and hospitality establishments and many of South Africa’s international source markets experiencing Covid-19 resurges, the importance of stimulating demand within the domestic market and entrenching a culture of local tourism is even more important.

“The introduction of regulations over the festive season mean that some travellers may have cancelled or deferred their plans for travel.

“With fewer crowds and quieter roads, the period from January to March after the festive season presents a safer and less crowded time to travel.

“Availability is high and, right now, many accommodation establishments are offering discounted citizens’ rates, making it affordable for those on a tight budget,” she says.

She encouraged travellers to venture out.

“The industry has fought long and hard together to prove that local travel is not only safe and normal, it’s just as fun and rewarding as jet setting abroad.

“Not only does travel play a crucial role in our economy, it also promotes national pride, and contributes greatly, in my opinion, to personal well-being.

“There has never been a better time than now to explore, to discover and re-discover,” Ragunanan explains.

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