December 4, 2021
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Zimbabwe soon expecting 6 new tv channels

Since 1956, Zimbabwe had only one television service but upon assuming office in 2018, officials in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services pledged to license more and more did they licence

Six new free-to-air private television stations will go live in Zimbabwe within the next 18 months, joining ZBCTV, after the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) on Friday 20 November issued licences, ending the 64-year monopoly enjoyed by the Sate-owned broadcaster.

‘The move effectively frees the airwaves, with private television stations joining private radio stations as the Second Republic implements a raft of political, economic and social reforms’, said on the article from The Herald.

Zimpapers Television Network (ZTN), a subsidiary of diversified media group Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Ltd, was one of the channels awarded a free-to-air television licence. The other five are Rusununguko Media (Pvt) Ltd — trading as NRTV, Jester Media trading as 3K TV, Acacia Media Group — trading as Kumba TV, Fairtalk Communications — trading as Ke Yona TV — and Channel Dzimbahwe — trading as Channel D

Of the 14 companies that applied for television licences, six were awarded licences after public hearings conducted last month in line with requirements of the 2013 Zimbabwe Constitution.

The winning applicants must go live within 18 months from the day the licences were announced, otherwise their licences will be passed to someone else after another round of applications.

Not only is this great news to the consumer’s entertainment but this will be good to Zimbabwe’s economy in Job creation and having multi plaforms to markete Zimbabwean businesses.

It’s waiting and hoping for the best to the awarded companies from now.


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